Born in Queensland, Australia, JJ and his younger sister were raised by their mother while their father worked overseas. He's worked an eclectic variety of jobs over the years, including; security guard, fruit picker, stevedore, flower delivery guy, renter of videos and seller of alcohol as well as writing scripts for video games and assignments for other students. 

He graduated university with a BA in Creative Writing with minors in English and History. Also, he holds the rare honour of supposedly being the first graduate to ever attain a degree without actually knowing it.

JJ has a longstanding fascination with all things Post Apocalyptic and is currently working on a sequel to his first novel, the first instalment to a whole new trilogy as well as an anthology series. His god-tier levels of procrastination and supreme distrust of anyone in authority meant that self publishing as an independent author was the only road that he could walk. 

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